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Being injured in a car accident is never fun, but things can quickly turn from inconvenient to devastating when the bills start rolling in. Because car accidents can cause injuries that require surgeries, rehabilitation, and time away from work, financial difficulties can stack up fast if you aren't careful. I started reading more and more about car accident claims and settlements after I was involved in an accident, and it made a big difference. I hired a lawyer who worked hard to resolve our issues, and it was really great to see the difference that they were able to make.



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Reducing Motorcycle Accidents By Making Your Bike Stand Out

If you own and drive a motorcycle, then you likely know that you may be at risk of getting into an accident while on the road. According to accident data, the vast majority of accidents occur with passenger vehicles. Most of the incidents that occur with cars happen because the car driver did not see the motorcycle. In some cases, the driver did not see the motorcycle until it was too late. When these things happen, the motorcycle driver has the right to sue the vehicle driver for damages. While this can help you with medical bills, pain, and lost wages, motorcycle accidents are often quite serious. In fact, 45% of all accidents result in serious injuries. This means that your best option is to avoid accidents altogether. Making sure that your motorcycle is visible is one of the best ways to cut down on accidents.

Make Yourself Look Bright

The reason why motorcycles are not always seen by motorists is the fact that drivers look for cars, trucks, buses, and other large vehicles when driving. This may not make sense since you are physically on the road and drivers are supposed to examine their surroundings before turning left at an intersection or pulling out into traffic. However, our brains interpret information quickly and we see things based on our expectations. In other words, we perceive the world around us based on what we expect to see. If a driver is not used to seeing motorcycles or if you blend into the surrounding environment, then you may not be seen. Psychological research states that you may not even see something obvious that is right in front of your eyes, because you are just not looking for it. 

This means that it is best to make yourself stick out so you are more likely to be seen. Purchasing, repainting, or sticking decals on a motorcycle that are brightly colored will make you highly visible. When you do this, make sure that the paint or stickers are a yellow color. Bright yellow is the most visible color because it reflects the most light. Yellow is the first color that is noticed and it is often used in our environment to draw attention. 

White is also a color that you should feature on your motorcycle. Studies show that white is the safest color when it comes to vehicles and crash risks, since white sticks out against dark colored roads, buildings, trees, and grass. 

Use Daytime Lights And A Modulator

Many motorcycles, like cars, have daytime running lights. If your motorcycle does not have the automatic lights, then you should turn on your headlights whenever you drive. The lights can reduce motorcycle crash risks. In fact, a 1996 study showed that daytime running lights on motorcycles caused a 13% drop in motorcycle accidents. While traditional lights may not reduce crash risks a great deal, the addition of two smaller lights placed on the right and left sides of the main headlamp can help a bit more. The three lights assist drivers in judging how far away and how fast you are driving. Distance and speed judgments can keep vehicles from pulling out in front of you if you are too close.

If you do decide to turn on lamps or to use your daytime running lights, then think about purchasing a headlamp modulator for your motorcycle. Headlamp modulators are add-on devices that can be added to the motorcycle headlight. The modulator changes the light level or intensity of the headlamp so the light appears as though it is blinking. The blinking helps to draw the attention of other drivers to your motorcycle so it is more readily seen when you drive in traffic. 

These tips help to prevent future accidents, but if you have already gotten in an accident and are facing a lot of medical bills, it is in your best interest to talk with an attorney. Click to find out more information, or talk with a law firm in your area.