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Being injured in a car accident is never fun, but things can quickly turn from inconvenient to devastating when the bills start rolling in. Because car accidents can cause injuries that require surgeries, rehabilitation, and time away from work, financial difficulties can stack up fast if you aren't careful. I started reading more and more about car accident claims and settlements after I was involved in an accident, and it made a big difference. I hired a lawyer who worked hard to resolve our issues, and it was really great to see the difference that they were able to make.


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Reasons Why Trucks Pose The Biggest Risk To Other Road Users

Semis account for a smaller percentage of road crashes. However, they cause more fatal collisions than other vehicles. Taking semi trucks off the road is not an option because trucking companies depend on them to transport cargo to different destinations. Therefore, road users have to learn how to share the road and avoid getting involved in collisions with big rigs. Safely sharing the road with semis starts with learning why trucks pose the biggest risks to other road users and the particular practices you should follow when on the same road with them. Here's what road users need to know about trucks and their potential danger on the road.

Semis Take More Time to Accelerate and Brake

The truck's weight and size are several times greater than ordinary vehicles. That is why they take more time to accelerate and brake. For this reason, motorists should not drive too close to semis, especially on highways, because their vehicles can hit them from behind when the truck driver decides to change lanes unexpectedly. Besides, trucks have to swing wide in one direction to turn safely. 

A truck driver cannot see motorcycles and cars behind or beside them in such a situation. That is why other road users need to be vigilant to enable them to notice when a truck driver wants to turn in their direction. Other safety measures include avoiding being directly in front of a truck in traffic and always giving trucks room to turn.

Some Truck Drivers Drive Long Hours without Taking a Break

Fatigue affects concentration and alertness on the road, affecting truck drivers' judgments on the speed patterns of other vehicles on the road. That is why there are rules in place to ensure that truck drivers take a rest after driving for a few hours continuously. Unfortunately, some trucking companies may choose to force their drivers to continue driving even after reaching the day's maximum hours driving limit. Some drivers may also overwork to earn more. As a result, they get exhausted and could make poor decisions that could cause fatal accidents.

Unfortunately, other road users may not know the condition of the motorists driving the truck they're sharing the road with. That is why they should be careful when overtaking semis and cutting directly in front of them. An exhausted truck driver can make the mistake of crashing their vehicles and other cars on the road.

Trucking companies do their best to defend their drivers after causing accidents, making it hard for accident victims to get justice. Therefore, contact a professional trucking accident lawyer if you're involved in a collision with a semi. They will get experts to prove liability and damages, convincing insurance companies and the court that you suffered an injustice that deserves compensation.

Contact a truck accident attorney near you for more information.