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Being injured in a car accident is never fun, but things can quickly turn from inconvenient to devastating when the bills start rolling in. Because car accidents can cause injuries that require surgeries, rehabilitation, and time away from work, financial difficulties can stack up fast if you aren't careful. I started reading more and more about car accident claims and settlements after I was involved in an accident, and it made a big difference. I hired a lawyer who worked hard to resolve our issues, and it was really great to see the difference that they were able to make.


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Instances When Another Motorist Might Sue You And How An Attorney Can Help You Prove Your Innocence

If you get involved in a vehicle crash, the other motorist might suffer severe injuries requiring ongoing treatment. They may also be unable to work and earn an income as they did before the crash. Additionally, the victim may need to repair or replace their vehicle if they suffered significant damage. In these instances, your insurance company should reimburse the complainant for their damages if you were at fault. However, there are other instances when the collision victim can take you to court, and you might face severe punishment if convicted. Here are some of them and ways an attorney can help you avoid harsh judgment. 

The Insurer Has Met Its Maximum

If the motorist you hit suffered significant damages, your insurance policy limit might not be enough to foot all their crash-related expenses. In this case, the complainant might sue you for the additional amount. When this happens, you need to contact a car accident attorney immediately. They can get experts to evaluate the actual value of the complainant's damages. This can then enable them to negotiate a fair payment equivalent to the plaintiff's losses.

The Insurer Is Uncooperative

Your insurer may not be willing to offer the complainant the correct payment. They may even refuse to negotiate a payment or make an offer. When this happens, the victim could take you to court to compel you to take responsibility for your damages. In this case, your lawyer can get evidence showing your contribution to the crash. This will enable the judge to determine your fault percentage and the payment you should offer the complainant. 

You Are Not Insured

You will have to foot the crash-related expenses from your pocket if you are uninsured. And if the collision victim decides to take you to court to have you take care of their medical bills and other damages, hire an attorney to represent you in your case. Typically, they will start by investigating the crash to determine your contribution. They can then represent you in court to ensure you get the most suitable outcome.   

If these circumstances exist in your case, it might be possible that the crash victim may take you to court. Therefore, it is advisable to contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. If you do this, the legal advisor will prepare to gather evidence and prepare a strong defense by the time your case commences. For more information, contact an auto accident lawyer near you.